domingo, 26 de febrero de 2017

Individual project: A poster of a celebrity

All about Sergey

Sergey Lazarev is my favourite celebrity. Sergey was born on 1st April, 1983 in Moscow, Russia. He has got brown eyes and brown hair. He's hard-working and vey talented

His career
He is a famous singer and an actor. He represented Russia in Eurovision Song Contest 2016, being in 3rd place. He sings Pop-Russian music and he has got an the MTV Award for Russian music.

Here you are his perfomance in Eurovision:

His family
He lives in Moscow with his parents, his niece and his son, Nikita. He has got a brother called Pável, who died in 2015.

What he likes
Sergey likes animals and he has got a dog called Daisy. He does sport, plays with Daisy and plays with his niece Alia. He also likes theatre. He usually goes to see theatre plays.

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