viernes, 24 de marzo de 2017

Vocabulaire de Noël

1.- Sapin de Noël  Árbol de Navidad
2.- Guirlande  Guirnalda
3.- Boule  Bola
4.- Etoille  Estrella
5.- Bougies  Velas
6.- Cloches  Campanas
7.- Chausettes de Noël  Calcatines Navideños
8.- Père Noël  Papá Noel
9.- Trainean  Trineo
10.- Rennes  Renos
11.- Elfes  Elfos
12.- Cheminée  Chimenea
13.- Cadeaux  Regalos
14.- Jouets  Juguetes
15.- Chanteur  Cantante
16.- Chant de Noël  Villancico
17.- Carte de voeux  Chrismas
18.- Repas de Réveillon  Cena de Nochebuena
19.- Dinde (dindon) Pavo
20.- Champagne  Campán
21.- Boche de Noël  Tronco de Navidad
22.- Marrons glacés  Castañas glaseadas

miércoles, 22 de marzo de 2017

More dialogues

Situation 1
A- Hello, can I help you?
B- Hi, my name is Lucie Jones. I'd like some information about guitar lessons.
A- How old are you?
B- I'm 14
A- Do you want to private lessons or would you like to join a class?
B- I don't know. How often is the class?
A- The class for your age is twice a week
B- When is the class?
A- On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:00 p.m
B- How much does it cost?
A- The class is 75 pounds a month
B- Thanks. Let me think about it.
Situation 2
A.- Can I help you?
B- Hi, my name is Eduard Scott. I'd like some information about art classes
A- How old are you?
B- I'm 12
A- Do you want to private lessons or would you like to join a class?
B- I don't know. How often is the class?
A- The class for your at 6:30 p.m 
B- How much does it cost?
A- The class is 60 pounds a month
B- Thanks. Let me think about it

Dialogue (Bus Edition)

A- Can I help you?
B- Yes, please. I'd like to go to Brighton. Which bus do I take?
A- Bus 323 goes to Brighton
B- How often does the bus run?
A- Once a day
B- I see. When's the next bus?
A- In two hours. 
B- How much does a ticket cost?
A- It's 12 pounds. Would you like a ticket?
B- Yes, please. Where's the bus stop?
A- It's over there. Have a nice trip!

lunes, 13 de marzo de 2017

My timetable

8:15-9:15 Maths
9:15-10:15 Geography and History
10:15-11:15 English
11:45-12:45 PE
12:45-13:45 Language
13:45-14:45 Biology
8:15-9:15 Language
9:15-10:15 French
10:15-11:15 Maths
11:45-12:45 Religion
12:45-13:45 Geography and History
13:45-14:45 Biology
8:15-9:15 Tutorial
9:15-10:15 Biology
10:15-11:15 English
11:45-12:45 Geography and History
12:45-13:45 PE
13:45-14:45 Plastic
8:15-9:15 Plastic
9:15-10:15 English
10:15-11:15 Maths
11:45-12:45 Robotic
12:45-13:45 Language
13:45-14:45 Music
8:15-9:15 Robotic
9:15-10:15 English
10:15-11:15 French
11:45-12:45 Music
12:45-13:45 Language
13:45-14:45 Maths

domingo, 26 de febrero de 2017

Individual project: A poster of a celebrity

All about Sergey

Sergey Lazarev is my favourite celebrity. Sergey was born on 1st April, 1983 in Moscow, Russia. He has got brown eyes and brown hair. He's hard-working and vey talented

His career
He is a famous singer and an actor. He represented Russia in Eurovision Song Contest 2016, being in 3rd place. He sings Pop-Russian music and he has got an the MTV Award for Russian music.

Here you are his perfomance in Eurovision:

His family
He lives in Moscow with his parents, his niece and his son, Nikita. He has got a brother called Pável, who died in 2015.

What he likes
Sergey likes animals and he has got a dog called Daisy. He does sport, plays with Daisy and plays with his niece Alia. He also likes theatre. He usually goes to see theatre plays.

jueves, 16 de febrero de 2017

Writing unit 3: An e-mail introducing myself and my cousin Jose.

My name is Lucía García. I'm. 12 years old and I'm from Molvízar. I don't have any brothers or sisters. Some teenagers in Spain go to boarding school, but I'm not in a boarding school. My school isn't near my house. I get up at 6:30 in the morning and I have breakfast. Then I go to school. I study from 8:15 to 2:45 every day. After school, I do my homework and then I listen to music. Sometimes, I play computer games, I also plan to take paddle lessons on Thursdays.

And now my cousin. His name is Jose Sánchez. He's 12 years old and he's from Izbor. He has got one brothe. Some teenagers in Spain go to boarding school, but he's not in a boarding school. His school is near his house. He gets up at 8:00 in the morning and he has breakfast. Then he goes to school. He studies from 9:00 to 2:00 every day. After school, he does his homework and then he plays computer games. Sometimes, he meets his friends, he also plays football every day.

Your new friend, Lucía


Resultado de imagen de diálogo dibujo

- Do you like junk food?
- Yes, I love it.
- Really? I also like junk food.

- How often do you eat junk food?
- I eat junk food twice a week.
- Are you kidding? I don't eat junk food at all.

- Do you download music?
- No I don't. I buy CD's.
- I don't believe it! I buy CD's, too.

- What type of music do you like?
- I like Pop music.
- Are you kidding? I like Heavy music.

- What is your favourite sport?
- My favourite sport is football.
- I can't believe it. I don't like football

- Do you practise any sport?
- No, I don't.
- Really? I don't practise any sport, either

- How often do you use the Internet?
- I use the internet four times a week.
- Are you kidding? I also use the Internet four times a week.

- Do your parents use the Internet?
- No, they don't.
- Really? My parents don't use the Internet, either.